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Pam Marcovitz, M.D. – Cardiologist
Director, Ministrelli Women’s Heart Center

“Popcorn can be a healthy snack, but not when it’s loaded up with trans-fat or saturated fats. Regular popcorn can have as much as 60 grams of “bad fat” which quickly turns a low calorie, low fat diet into an “Artery Clogger”. Poppin’ Olive popcorn is made with a special blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a monosaturated fat that actually helps raise the HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Poppin’ Olive has only 10 grams of fat that’s 87% less fat; which lets you enjoy without guilt.”

Florine Ministrelli – Ministrelli Women’s Heart Center

“Once you start you can’t stop”

Olive Oil and Human Health:

  • Olive Oil contains vitamin A, D, and K, as well as vitamin E, necessary for skin anti-aging protection.
  • Olive Oil is a good aid in specific therapies to treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and seborrhea eczemas.
  • Olive Oil fights obesity as witnessed by the lighter Mediterranean peoples who consume the most olive oil worldwide.
  • Olive Oil is beneficial during pregnancy because the fetus needs vitamin E to grow.
  • Olive Oil provides essential fatty acids for the development of the new born child and maintaining vitamin E levels helps us during breast feeding.
  • The oleic acid found in olive oil has a positive infulence on bone growth and mineralization and mind/body developement during infancy.
  • Olive Oil intake boosts the immune system against attacks from microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.
  • Olive Oil helps calcium absorption thus preventing osteoporosis and newly discovered rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Olive Oil is known to prevent memory loss in healthy elderly people.
  • The omega-3 fatty acids of olive oil reduce age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss in senior citizens.
  • Olive Oil has monounsaturated fats. This reduces the risk of heart disease by decreasing levels of artery-clogging lipids in the blood.
  • An olive oil rich diet can treat diabetes by preventing insulin resistance and also regulating cholesterol. It ensures better blood sugar level control and lowers blood pressure.

Olive Oil is a product of universal benefit. From the fetus to the family elder, olive oil is necessary for human health.

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Some interesting healthy information about Olive Oil and its uses.

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