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A Healthy Change while Preserving Tradition

Since childhood, my family life centered on Hollywood and the film industry as my father, Robert L. Vickrey became known in Michigan as one of the largest movie exhibitors in the state.

Growing up and working as a candy girl in the theater in an atmosphere of marquee lights, hypes of first run movies, Friday and Saturday evenings of moviegoers lining up to see their favorite stars on the big screen, created many exhilarating and memorable days.

As I reminisce, one of my favorite memories is the look of the children as they gazed into the glass counter eagerly awaiting their own small 50-cent box of popcorn. I can still hear the popcorn machines churning their magic that exploded into a wonderful hot treat. I can remember the fresh aroma of popcorn that circulated to every corner of the theater. However, the popcorn of my childhood was made of oils high in saturated fats, partially hydrogenated shortenings and artificial flavorings a combination that is not good for your health. Since I came from Greek heritage, at home I would make popcorn with fresh olive oil. It was tastier and healthier.

Today, with those experiences in mind I have recreated that wonderful allure of the movie treat for your family and friends. With an emphasis on health and healthy eating, I have produced my own special blend of popcorn oil called Poppin’ Olive. It is made with the centuries old elixir of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. It’s loaded with vitamin E, has no cholesterol, no trans-fat and it’s an amazing preservative. Now I pass on to you the best, oldest and most natural ingredient to make a healthy family treat that smells and tastes delicious.

Cynthia Vickrey, President


Popcorn is a 100% whole grain. It’s a wonderful “high-fiber snack” when prepared properly, an attribute unique to Poppin Olive that uses a special blend of high quality extra virgin olive oil directly from Greece. Recent studies have shown that popcorn is a minimally processed food that contains more polyphenols—a rich antioxidant —than a serving of fruit. Poppin Olive pays special attention to the processing and preparation to maximize these health benefits. I consider this to be an outstanding healthy snack option for all of my patients.

Kami Kveton, M.D.
Private practice OB/GYN
St. Clair Shores, MI

What others say…

“It’s wonderful to see how Cindy Vickrey has brought Poppin’ Olive to life. Being health conscious, she always made her own popcorn with special olive oil imported from Greece. Once she decided to share it with others, nothing could stop her from launching this delicious yet healthy version of one of America’s favorite snacks.”

Megan Bueschel, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer - Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas