We’ve received so many lovely testimonials, here’s just a few I’d like to share…

Thank You so much for coming to our Employee Health Fair Oct 17 2011.Poppin’ Olive was a huge success and people are still talking about how delicious it was, and can’t wait for it to hit the stores!!

Dawn Hobbs
North America Technical Center
Human Resources Representative

Dear Cynthia:

On behalf of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Poppin Olive for providing us with the delicious & nutritious popcorn for our 34th Annual Movie Gala.

In addition to a special acknowledgement in our movie program, I will post your logo with a hyperlink to your website on our event page for 2 months, and the final we did was displaying your logo as one of our honored donors during the event.

Thank you again for being a friend to CCFA. Your generosity helps bring us one step closer to finding a cure for these debilitating diseases.

Stephen Nacarato
Development Director
CCFA Michigan

I have been enjoying your Poppin Olive popcorn for the
past year and I am happy
to report to you that not only is it
delicious but, because of the product and
the oil it is popped in I have had no problems with my
stomach. I have IBS and could never enjoy any popcorn product
with out getting sick. This is wonderful!

Harriett Fuller

Just wanted to say I LOVE your popcorn and I\’m so happy that it\’s an option at Emagine Novi. My husband and I go to a movie at least once a week and I look forward to your popcorn more than the movie!!!

Kiersten Whiting

Thank you Poppin\’ Olive for allowing my daughter to enjoy the full movie experience – which of course, includes popcorn!! My daughter has autism and is on a strict gluten and casein free diet so she was absolutely thrilled when I told her she could have popcorn last time we went to the theatre. I can\’t thank you enough.

Michelle Mikula

Employee at Autoliv… my wife and 6yr daughter both have diabetes and now have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, so we’re looking for healthy options.

When are expecting it to be released into the market?

Tim Popa

I had your popcorn and seasoning at the Emagine theater in Royal Oak and loved it. I actually went there the other day JUST to get the popcorn. Is there another place for me to purchase the popcorn and the seasoning?

Sharon Scott